Dec. 4- Dec. 7

Mon., Dec. 4

  • Math – L 49
  • Note: No spelling this week in order to focus on vocab, and to give us more time to wrap up other subjects this semester. 🙂

Tues., Dec. 5

  • Math – L 50; Test 9 tomorrow
  • Eng. – L 45; Test 8 tomorrow; JOURNALS DUE THURSDAY
  • Religion – Ch. 14 Handout
  • Vocab- Finish 5A and 5B
  • Literature – Bring your “free reading book”


Dec. 4th – 7th


  • Grammar: Lesson 48
  • Spelling: Lesson 16, page 67 “Replace the Words” and “Word Building”
  • Reading: Ch. 15 in ITC due Wednesday
  • Science: Test Thursday
  • Vocabulary: Test Thursday


  • Grammar: Lesson 49
  • Spelling: Lesson 16, page 68 “Proofreading”
  • Reading: Ch. 15 in ITC due Wednesday
  • Science: Test Thursday
  • Vocabulary: Test Thursday


  • Math: Lesson 51
  • Grammar: Lesson 50
  • Spelling: Test Thursday
  • Science: Test Thursday
  • Vocabulary: Test Thursday


  • Math: Lesson 52
  • Reading: Test Tuesday

December 4th- 7th

Monday, December 4th

Math: L.54 problem set

Vocab: WW7E

Spelling: L. 14 p. 58, write words #1-20 3x’s each in cursive

History: study for test tomorrow

Science:  Test today, no homework.

Reading: Ch. 4


Tuesday, December 5th

Math: L.55

Vocab: study for test tomorrow.

Spelling: L. 14 p. 59, write all words in alphabetical order

History: Test today, no homework

Science: None

Reading: finish Ch. 5


Wednesday, December 6th

Math: L. 56

Vocab: Test today, no homework

Spelling: L. 14 pg. 60, use each word in a sentence

History: None

Science: None

Reading: Finish Ch. 5


Thursday, December 7th

Math: L.57

Vocab: None

Spelling: Test today, no homework

History: In class, read pg. 89-96

Science: None

Reading: None

Friday, December 8th

No school for Feast of the Immaculate Conception ~ Holy Day of Obligation!

Join us for our Recitation day! Third grade will be reciting “The Children’s Hour”.

December 3rd – 9th, 2017

Monday, December 4th

  • 7th-12th Presentation: Preparing for College 115pm
  • Falcon HS Boys Basketball at Stonegate 730pm
  • Falcon JH Boys Basketball at Faith Lutheran 530pm

Tuesday, December 5th

  • Falcon HS Boys Basketball at Dallas Christian 630pm
  • Falcon HS Girls Basketball at Fairhill 430pm

Wednesday, December 6th

  • Lunch: Hot

Thursday, December 7th

  • K-12th Poetry Recitals 2pm
  • Falcon HS Boys Basketball vs Decatur Victory 7pm
  • Falcon HS Girls Basketball vs Decatur Victory 530pm
  • Falcon JH Boys Basketball vs Lucas Christian 430pm

Friday, December 8th – NO SCHOOL