October 8th – 14th, 2017

Monday, October 9th – NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, October 10th – HOMECOMING WEEK

    • Spirit Kick-off!
    • Hall Decorating 1230pm
  • JH8 Falcon Volleyball vs North Dallas Adventist 5pm
  • HS Falcon Volleyball vs Weatherford Christian 6pm

Wednesday, October 11th – HOMECOMING WEEK

    • Jersey & Jeans Day
  • Charity Drive
  • PSAT 10th / 11th 8am-12pm
  • Lunch: Hot

Thursday, October 12th – HOMECOMING WEEK

    • Broadway Musical Dress Day
    • Broadway Bites Competition
  • JH7 Falcon Volleyball vs North Dallas Adventist 4pm
  • JH8 Falcon Volleyball vs Dallas Academy 5pm
  • Friday, October 13th – HOMECOMING WEEK

      • Spirit Dress Day
      • Homecoming Parade & Pep Rally
  • Holy Mass 10am
  • Lunch: Pizza
  • Falcon Football vs Universal Academy 730pm
  • Saturday, October 14th – HOMECOMING WEEK

    • Homecoming Dance 7pm

    October 10th -14th

    Homecoming week!! Each day for homecoming week is themed. Please have your child dress appropriately for the theme each day. This week is also important for our class as we will be having quite a few tests.

    Monday 10/9 Columbus day! No school!


    Tuesday 10/10 – Color day

    Math: L. 26

    Vocab:  4 A&B

    Spelling: L. 7 p. 30 and write words #1-10 4x’s each

    History:  Test on Friday.

    Science: Science test Thursday, review  study guide.

    Reading: Ch. 3


    Wednesday 10/11 – Jersey day!

    Math: L. 27

    Vocab: None

    Spelling: p.31 and write word #11-20 4x’s each

    History:  Test Friday.

    Science:  None

    Reading: Ch. 3 continued


    Thursday 10/12 – Broadway dress up day!

    Math: L. 28

    Vocab: 4 C&D

    Spelling: p.32, and write all words in alphabetical order

    History: Review for test tomorrow. 

    Science: Test today, turn in study guide. No homework. 

    Reading: Ch. 4


    Friday 10/13 – Falcon Fan Friday!

    Math: L. 29

    Vocab: None

    Spelling:  Test today.

    History: Test today, no homework. 

    Science: None

    Reading: Reading study guide as homework.